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Mano nella Mano Onlus  is a non-profit organization, founded in September 2006 thanks to the commitment of a group of people who had had the opportunity of visiting, in Kenya, diverse communities and missions in which many lay and religious persons from all of the Veneto region, but especially Padua, work with truly extraordinary dedication and love towards fellow man.

The objective of the Association is that of contributing to the realization of projects aimed at the development of the african communities, in collaboration with the Missionaries and volunteers that already work in those places.



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The project the Association is currently participating in is the construction of the second three-story structure of the Catholic Hospital "Benedetto XVI" in the Nyahururu Diocese. In particular it will contribute to the realization, comprehensive of instrumentation and special furniture, of the first floor reserved for the maternity ward.  (go to the projects page)


Furthermore, with another contribution, the help to Sister Ida for the Female School in Rumuruti -  Kenya – continues.

And also...another small project: support to the "Nossa Senhora De Lourdes" Institute of Rio De Janeiro - Brazil – for deaf-mute boys and girls.

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