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Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu Kenya

May 23, 2011 Mons. Luigi Paiaro, now Bishop Emeritus of the Nyahururu Diocese, native of Padua (the current Bishop, appointed in March 2012,is Joseph Mbatia), during  a meeting with the Association presented a proposal, later formalized in a letter May 31, of collaboration in the project undertaken by his Diocese for the construction of a hospital complex in Nyahururu.
It is a huge commitment, but the help that in the course of his missionary life has always been offered by many associations, generous people and also many companies, has given him the necessary faith to face this venture that is such a burden to realize.
Kenya is a country in which most of the population lives in poverty, with great difficulty in water supply, resulting in situations of disease and serious health problems.
The Diocese of Nyahururu includes the Nyandarua district in the Central Province and the western part of the Laikipia district in the Rift Valley Province in Kenya on 8,000 square km.
The city is located about 280 Km north of the capital, Nairobi, on the road that brings to Somalia and it’s the last important center before advancing in the bush where mud and straw huts are found, surrounded by brambles to defend them from animals.
The population, which still lives with great dignity, lacks the most essential needs from water to medicines, to education.
Multiple are the necessities, but health care has the overall priority, especially the fight against AIDS, the help towards children and to pregnant women.
The dilapidated State Hospital most of the time results to be lacking even the most essential and basic medicines.
Neonatal mortality is 56 children /1000 births, the infant mortality rate until the 5th year of age is 121/1000 live births.
The estimated number of children (0-14) with AIDS is about 150,000
In 2005, in sub-Saharan Africa, only 45% of women giving birth were assisted by trained health personnel.
The existing health structures are now insufficient to serve  more than 670,000 inhabitants, so the Diocese has decided to construct a new hospital. The first part of the hospital is already in full operation since 2007, with: its outpatient unit, that has become a true Dispensary; its analysis laboratories; its management and administration department and its technological connections and services.
In advanced construction phase is the second structure, consisting of three floors that will contain the following departments: emergency, obstetrics and gynecology (in the area there are, on average, four births a day), neonatology and pediatrics, operating theatres, medicine, housing for the nursing nuns, access areas and parking for ambulances and doctors, structures for auxiliary electrical generators.


To contribute to the realization of the maternity ward, complete with equipment, furniture and everything necessary for its optimal functioning.
But the road is still long: that’s why we seek everybody’s help through fund-raising and/or simple donations.

(some sources from: wikipedia and Associazione Fraternità Missionaria onlus – see photo in the Photographic Gallery)

Second structure: Maternity ward (watch the video below)


----- Original Message -----
From: Bishop Luigi Paiaro
To: Mano nella mano
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 1:53 AM
Subject: Assoc. Mano nella Mano Onlus-A Feast for LIfe May13, 2012
......I read the web site of Manonellamano. I think it’s well written regarding the hospital and I wholeheartedly invite those who can, to give a hand.  The construction of the ‘services’ (kitchens etc.) has just begun. We are waiting for the instalment of two lifts, a novelty for Nyahururu! We are also waiting for the arrival of a big generator because the electrical current is not stable at all. The outpatient service goes well. I’m making the idea of voluntary doctors circulate for when the maternity ward will be ready. Start-ups are always slow and laborious but as everything is done to help brothers in need, the Lord sees and provides, giving strength to our incentives, for us poor people who attach ourselves to Him!

For the school, already well organised with your help, the news is very positive. The first time that the maturity exam was held the results were encouraging with girls well qualified academically. Thanks for everything and for your continued enthusiasm: may the Lord bless you as He knows best. Father Luigi

The project of the new hospital
(inserire foto)



Benedetto XVI Hospital – An update


Real-time information: Mons. Paiaro describes the situation at Nyahururu and how the idea was born for the new hospital  (from an e-mail of December 6, 2013)

From: Luigi Paiaro To: Mano nella mano Sent: Friday, December 06, 2013 8:53 AM Subject: Re: Mano nella Mano onlus

To all of our friends at Mano nella Mano,
Thank you again for your generosity, even in difficult times: but you are motivated by the Spirit of sharing and of love towards the sick: after all, The Lord said and continues to say loud and clear “take care of the sick”
The Hospital: 
It’s in the County of Laikipia, a Maasai name that invites the grazing of cows, sheep, camels etc. and in fact, the Maasai people came to graze in this territory, but they didn’t stop, generally they came when they knew that it had rained, so there would be grass. A group of them, called "Ol Laikipial" stopped in the North of the County, a place called DolDol.
The territory became a Diocese together with the County of Nyandarua (= vast extent of ground or plateau  under the Aberdare mountain chain with a forest that is now a National park).
The Diocese, that was founded  on March 25, 2003, was the territory where Diocesan Priests from Padua arrived in 1964, coming from a mission called "Tetu"  where the first from Padua, now deceased, Domenico Zordan had arrived in 1958 to have an idea how one evangelizes in a Mission land, given that the same Parish of Tetu had been founded about 40 years earlier by the Consolata Missionaries. Father Zordan was joined by another Diocesan Priest from Padua in 1959, Father Giovanni Magnabosco, and in 1963, January, Father Luigi Paiaro also arrived.
The new Diocese with an area of 8,000 Km2, now has, 31 Parishes. There is a Catholic hospital in the southern part, Kinangpo, founded in 1965 in the residence of a white Boer from South Africa who, with the independence of Kenya, left everything to the new Kenyota Government, The first President: Jomo Kenyatta, donated the colonial house to the Bishop of Nyeri, Mons. Gatimu, who was his friend because they both came from the same village near Nairobi. The two leaders, President Kenyatta and Bishop Mons. Cesare Gatimu, decided that this house should become a hospital, and now it’s a very well organized reality.
The northern part of the Diocese, that is the Laikipia County, is 100 km from the hospital, and it’s expanding. The idea was therefore born to have a catholic hospital in the Laikipia territory where there is no catholic health institution apart from some dispensaries.
The population increases from year to year and so the Church must take an interest in the sick and those in need. To be noted is that the Laikipia County has many people belonging to 15 diverse ethnic groups, the majority of these being nomads. 
The hospital began in 2007 with the help of C.U.A.M.M. from Padua in a simple room as a dispensary, and then moved into the new hospital complex that is being built, as we see from the photos. The hospital began with a very specific purpose, and with the consent of the entire diocesan presbyterate: to provide a new approach towards the cure of the sick, as the Church has always done, and teach that sick people are favoured by God. With particular attention to women and especially the young ones who find themselves in the midst of a society, unfortunately, dominated by atavistic ideas and by new customs that the Church helps to control and correct as much as possible.
Therefore, the hospital particularly takes care of single mothers and women who are not respected and who unfortunately are tempted to abort. Special care is given to pregnant women suffering from diseases that may have consequences on the child.
So we try to give value to the love for life, respect, absolute confidentiality together with attentive and loving care. It is desired that the new centre be of quality regarding special care that gives dignity to the person, becoming a centre of personalised diagnostics and of service to the poor with a minimum contribution by the patients, that is, they contribute to the expenses as much as they can.
At the moment there are the nuns  of a local congregation who take care of the dispensary,  assisted by 3 local nurses and a professional nurse, two laboratory technicians and other people of support e.g.: a driver , a guardian.
At present the patients who need a cure are examined and contribute with half a euro, plus the cost of the medicines that varies.
It is hoped that a maternity ward may begin, with the help of those who feel they can cooperate: 25 beds have been donated from Italy and at completion phase is the operating theatre,  that needs instruments. The X-ray room also needs to be supplied with X-ray equipment. While some friends have contributed towards the purchase of a simple ultrasound devise.
It’s with great simplicity that we entrust Providence through generous people who have at heart those who suffer and who are in difficulty.
A particular thank you goes to the NPO Mano nella Mano for its continued interest and practical help.
Please excuse the long description, hoping to have clarified a little the intentions and finality of the work that has begun.
A fond greeting of special thanks particularly in this Christmas Season and with the beginning of a New Year, I remain your much obliged +Luigi Paiaro-retired Bishop of Nyahururu.


Consignment of contributions of Benedict XVI Hospital

February 15, 2015

3rd contribution for "Benedict XVI" Hospital Project - € 12,000.= given to Mons. Luigi Paiaro during a Mass in Salboro 

February 23, 2014

2nd contribution for "Benedict XVI" Hospital Project - € 10,000.= given to Mons. Luigi Paiaro during a Mass in Salboro 

May 13, 2012

1st contribution for "Benedict XVI" Hospital Project - € 10,000.= given to Mons. Luigi Paiaro during the first edition of "A Feast for the Life" in Salboro 



Support Project for the Institute “Nossa Senhora De Lourdes”


This project has been presented to the Association “Mano nella Mano onlus” by father Severino, parish priest of Salboro. The request arrives from the Institute “Nossa Senhora De Lourdes-Inosel”.  It refers to the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Calvary in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, who work in a college in the Favelas Maggiore.  The institute is of a diocesan level. Initially it was a school reserved for children of  wealthy families; later it opened to all  the population. Some years ago it started to welcome and to instruct deaf-mute children too, because the State obliges Scholastic Institutes to include a percentage of disabled children among the students. In order to develop the scholastic capabilities of the deaf-mute children, computers are mostly used. Now the need arises to substitute them given that the existing ones have become obsolete. The main problem, of course, is how to finance the expense. The State has approved a new law that significantly decreases the subsidies to private institutes.  The overall figure corresponds to about € 14,000.

On November 15, 2013 the Directors approved a  contribution of  € 4,000.


1st PROJECT 2007 - 2011 - High School at Rumuruti in Kenya - PRESENTATION OF THE PROJECT



Two dormitories for the school at Rumuruti

The project was submitted to Associazione Mano nella Mano May 4, 2007, by Mons. Luigi Paiaro, Bishop of Nyahururu-Kenya, and has been entrusted to the Congregation of the Suore Dimesse.
The private Catholic school is found in the civil district of West Laikipia in the Rumuruti locality. The area is predominantly inhabited by the  Turkana tribe which lives on pastoralism and is thus a nomad tribe. The Catholic Church already started building primary schools in the 60s and only a few years ago the Government has been showing some interest in the middle schools.
Female middle schools don’t exist however, so we want to give the possibility, even to the girls, to continue studying after primary school so that they are not forced to be wives at a young age. Four classes have been built, but in order for the girls to be able to attend and achieve the best results from their studies, housing is necessary, so that they can remain there during the study period, without having to follow the movements of the tribe to which they belong.
The socio-economic context of the area is of extreme poverty. In the turkana tribe the most fortunate are  shepherds of a few goats and camels, but the majority of the people live in the most extreme need.
The Government, in an effort to help this marginalized minority, has given land in concession especially for the construction of a school for the Turkana girls, so that they can continue their studies beyond primary school, with subjects and exams recognized by the relevant Ministry. 
The aim is that, even through the construction of housing for the girls, it is possible to take action towards helping in their education, for the elevation of their social status and for the gradual detachment from those ancestral traditions that don’t recognise the dignity of a woman.
The estimated duration of the project is two years, for a total cost of about € 155,000, for two dormitories of 100 girls each.


Consignment of contributions for the school at Rumuruti

 2008 – The first contribution

“Associazione Mano nella Mano” with its activity of registering new members and with the donations of many generous people, since the date of its foundation, has gathered a small but significant amount.

During the Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Nyahururu, Mons. Luigi Paiaro, on May 4, 2008, € 10,000 were consigned as a first aid towards the construction of housing for the poorer girls who attend a school at Rumuruti, a small village in the province of Nyahururu - Kenya, and to give them the possibility to study even after the compulsory school age.

Present at the Holy Mass was a representation of the “Suore Dimesse” togetter with Sister Tiziana with her stories full of love and charity towards the most poor, and with Mons. Luigi Paiaro with his direct testimony. They helped us to better understand the difficult reality lived by the inhabitants of Nyhaururu.

The Bishop also informed us that “the work on the housing at Rumuruti has begun.  The first dormitory is almost finished and shortly the second will begin, they will host 200 students and there will be some rooms for the teachers.”

It was a moment of great sharing and solidarity. 


The second contribution

October 5, 2008 “Associazione Mano nella Mano” consigned the second contribution of € 10,000 to Mons. Luigi Paiaro, the Bishop of Nyahururu, during the Holy Mass celebrated together with Father Massimo, at Villanova di Camposampiero.


December 12, 2008 our friends from Thiene organized a convivial meeting to make our association known. About fifty people participated and it was a very enjoyable evening.


December 21, 2008, during the Christmas vigil, prepared by the Caritas of Salboro, the associations Mano nella Mano and Le Ali della Gioia, received the contributions collected on “Solidarity Night”, which is part of the celebrations for the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

February 20, 2010
Bishop Mons. Luigi Paiaro celebrates a Holy Mass at Salboro.
Assoc. Mano nella Mano Onlus consigns the 3rd contribution of € 15,000.

The new dormitories

Father Raffaele of Tabor Hill, sent us some photos have arrived of the new construction of two dormitories which the association Mano nella Mano is contributing to.

(other photos are visible in the photographic gallery)

August 12, 2011

Associazione Mano nella Mano onlus consigned to Sister Ida, of the “Suore Dimesse”, the fourth and final contribution of  € 20,000 for the completion of the dormitories project for the school at Rumuruti and a memory plaque.

In total € 55,000 have been consigned from 2007 to 2011.


.....but the project continues......

October 2012

Sister Ida has been transferred to Rumuruti and she spoke to us about the situation of the Female High School that we helped to sustain. The school is a great success and the enrolments have greatly increased. There are capacity problems, because the dormitories are starting to be insufficient, as well as structural problems. Therefore, it has been decided to carry out expansion work. However, not having additional land available, a two-floor building will have to be built and this implies a major financial commitment. The project was presented with an estimated cost of €160,407. Sister Ida asked us our help.

January 20, 2013

A Holy Mass was celebrated and representing the Association, Guido Maculan and Claudio Balasso consigned to the “ suore Dimesse”, who spoke about their commitment in the missions, a contribution of €5,000.00 which will later be transferred to Sister Ida, for the  supplementary construction of dormitories in the school of Rumuruti.


November 15, 2013
Sister Ida updated us on the situation of the school in Rumuruti which is having a great success, and has considerably increased the number of enrolments, so much so that they have had to deal with the construction of another dormitory. 
For this reason the Director deliberates a contribution of  € 5,000 towards the purchase of beds for the girls. 


1st PROJECT 2007 - 2011 - High School at Rumuruti in Kenya - THANKS

 Having completed the first project, supported by the Association, for the construction of two housing and other supporting structures for 100 girls of the High School at Rumuruti in Kenya,


all those who, with great generosity and dedication, chose to participate in, contribute to and share with us the realization of this dream in memory of Sister Tiziana.

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